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Adepts of God = This is an online meta-franchise I made for both myself and anyone who is interested in telling stories about superheroes empowered by God. It started out as a goofy little game idea but it's definitely grown since then.

Ancient Origins of Deism = This is a vid from Lewis Loflin's Youtube channel detailing the general history and development of Deism as we know it today.

April Morning = Starring Tommy Lee Jones who plays the role of a Deist father during the revolution and how his death propels his son into maturity.

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Benjamin Franklin = A self-professed Deist, Benjamin Franklin is regarded as both one of America's best statesmen and its first scientist.

Brother Cadfael = A medieval monk, seasoned by a lifetime of war in the crusades, now works to solve criminal mysteries using common sense and scientific knowledge. Frequently eschewing church rules and superstition, Cadfael proves himself a Deist by frequently instructing his close friends to not give up their reason, and espouses a theology based on common sense, the natural world and basic goodness.

Bruce Almighty = This comedic work by Tom Shadyac has the protagonist, Bruce Nolan, get God's attention after cursing His' name one too many times. Tired of Nolan's near constant berating, God offers him a chance to get a taste of what it is like being in charge of everything. Bruce Almighty was favorable towards all faiths equally and does not single out one over the other, in fact Nolan's relationship with God tends to be pretty straight on without any need for organized religion.

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Deism (World of Warcraft)

Describe RMS As A Game

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Faiths of the Founding Fathers = This informative book offers a more detailed example of what the religious landscape was like during the founding of America.

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Kingdom of Heaven = A movie about a young Christian knight named Balian who comes to Jerusalem during the Crusades seeking forgiveness. Balian ends losing his faith and becoming an Atheist/Agnostic type, however he befriends a Hospitaller knight who turns out to be a Deist (because he puts no stock in religion) and who helps Balian come to faith in God again.

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Philosophy Discussion (World of Warcraft)

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The Name Of The Rose = Sean Connery stars as a mendicant monk who uses not blind faith but his own wits and intelligence to solve crimes and mysteries. This movie has a strong portrayal of the hierarchical church's tendency to being opposed to the spread of free information.

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